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Precast Gel
Long Life Gel
Multi Bios Scanner Precast Gel (Long Life Gel) for Electrophoresis.
­Remarkably long life.
­Reasonable price.
­Sharp electophoresis pattern is obtainable.
­Plate size 100 x 100mm.
­Electrohoresis from DNA (nucleic acid) to Protein are achieved.
For Bio Researchers
Multi Bio-scanner
MB-7000MB-7000 The system has specifically been designed and developed by utilizing unique compiled microbe automatic measuring technique with long experience in the field of microbiology.
For Dairy and Veterinarian
Milk Checker N-4L Milk Checker N-4L Digital Mastitis Detector.
Measurement of electrical conductivity.
Stimultaneous display for all of quarters of udder; 3-digit digital display; Difference between quarters of udder displayed by computerized calculation.
For Pharmaceutical Researchers
Automatic Cup-Droppers
Model ACD
Milk Checker N-4L Cup-Dropper is unique instrument which enables 4 to 6 pieces of special steel cylindercal Bioassay Cups to be simultaneousIy dropped with accuracy to the identical circumference on the agar layer base for preparation of the inhibition zone.

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