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Precast Gel
Long Life Gel
Multi Bios Scanner Precast Gel (Long Life Gel) for Electrophoresis.
­Remarkably long life.
­Reasonable price.
­Sharp electophoresis pattern is obtainable.
­Plate size 100 x 100mm.
­Electrohoresis from DNA (nucleic acid) to Protein are achieved.
For Bio Researchers
Multi Bio-scanner
MB-7000MB-7000 The system has specifically been designed and developed by utilizing unique compiled microbe automatic measuring technique with long experience in the field of microbiology.
For Pharmaceutical Researchers
Automatic Cup-Droppers
Model ACD
Milk Checker N-4L Cup-Dropper is unique instrument which 4 pieces of special steel cylindercal Bioassay Cups to be simultaneousIy dropped with accuracy to the identicaI circumference on the agar layer base for preparation ofthe inhibition zone.

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